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Unlock your potential with Mizuno® golf.

Mizuno® precision-engineers its golf clubs for perfection out of the bag. Get more distance, higher launch, better feel and more control-all with your Mizuno® golf clubs. Explore the Mizuno® golf clubs collection:

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Take to the greens with Mizuno’s® industry-leading design.

Unleash your game off the tee with drives designed with a sleek, ultra-thin crown for a lower center of gravity and higher launch. Mizuno® fairway woods are constructed with a square face angle and thin internal weighting, promoting penetrating ball flight on every swing.

Mizuno® irons deliver an ultra-playable feel—shotmakers love the thin top line and reduced off-set. And you can get out of any tight spot with Mizuno® golf wedges, built to help you take your short game to the next level.

Keep in mind these factors when shopping Mizuno® golf clubs for men or women:

  • When selecting a driver, keep in mind that the longer your club, the hard it is to hit squarely. In many cases, shorter shaft length is better than longer.
  • Consider courses you frequently play when selecting a Mizuno® wedge. If the greens are fast and elevated, opt for a wedge with high loft. Soft sand or slower surfaces? Choose a wedge with a wider sole for added bounce.
  • Consider the difference between steel and graphite shafts. Steel offers durability and control. Golfers with a faster-than-average speed use steel to steady their swing. Graphite offers more distance and higher swing speed. Those looking to pick up their swing speed should opt for graphite.