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Boost your workout without breaking a sweat—water aerobics is a fun and low-impact way to tone, trim and shed pounds.

Dive in for your water workout with the right gear, like women’s swimsuits and men’s swimsuits, goggles, caps and much more. Change up your regimen with water dumbbells, kickboards, water belts and floats. When your workout is over, slip on a pair of comfortable slide sandals for the locker room.

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Expert Advice

A water aerobics workout often focuses on endurance and resistance training. Participants can burn calories, increase flexibility and tone muscles without impacting joints. And it’s key that your water aerobics equipment is constructed for durability in the water.

Step into the pool with an athletic swimsuit. Several features are essential in a water aerobics swimsuit: Look for fabrics that provide maximum chlorine resistance and natural stretch for fit and flexibility. Low-water absorption fabrics ensure you feel lightweight as you master your training. A variety of swimsuits are available for your aquatic workout—select from one and two-piece bathing suits for women as well as lightweight swim shorts for extra coverage. Men’s swimsuits include classic briefs, trunks and board shorts as well as long and short-sleeve rash guards.

Your aerobics training will likely require you to take a dip beneath the surface. Choose goggles designed for a low-profile, low-drag fit for aerodynamics in the water. Anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses provide the best clarity. If your workout brings you outdoors, consider goggles with a mirrored lens, which cut down on glare and brightness.

Moving your body through water creates a natural resistance that activates muscle groups. Different forms of water aerobics include water yoga, jogging, dance and even Zumba. Choose water aerobics equipment suited for your workout.

Pump water dumbbells for your strength-training workout. Choose barbells, floats and kickboards designed with anti-slip coating for ease of use. A nylon covering provides added water-resistance for durability.

Resistance belts are often used in water aerobics to provide balance and buoyancy, but choose a belt that can be easily adjusted to fit your waist. Water fins are frequently used to strengthen hamstrings, glutes and other leg muscles.

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