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How To Find The Right Punching Bag Or Speed Bag

You don’t have to be a skilled martial artist to benefit from punching bag training. Speed bags and punching bags help you master your form, build strength and improve heart health.

So choose the punching bag that’s right for you. Punching bags and speed bags at DICK’S Sporting Goods are crafted for quality and durability—so you can stay focused on your training. Explore the collection:

  • Free-standing punching bags bags are attached to a base that is filled with water or sand. These bags are placed on the floor, making it an ideal choice for areas where a bag cannot be installed to the ceiling.
  • Hanging punching bags and heavy bags are fixed to the ceiling. These punching bags do not slide or move when kicked, but are often mounted too high for a full kickboxing practice.
  • Speed bags improve hand-eye and reflex coordination. These pear-shaped bags, much smaller in size than a punching bag, are hung from a solid platform.

Find your next punching bag, speed bag or boxing stand from popular brands, like Century® and Everlast®.

Expert Advice

Consider just a few of the benefits of training with a punching bag or speed bag:

Strength Training: Punching and kicking provides repetitive resistance training. Resistance is essential to building strength in the body. Tone and trim muscles in your upper and lower body by repeatedly striking your bag.

Cardio Workout: The leg and arm work involved in boxing provides a cardio-intensive workout. The intensity of your workout can very—using a heavier bag requires you to work harder on every strike. Jab, cross, hook and undercut to ramp up your heart rate and get an aerobic workout.

Reaction Time & Balance: Find a bag routine that incorporates both arm and foot work, moving you around the bag. This type of exercise helps tone core muscles and improve hand-eye coordination. Bag that swing force you to react as you punch—so you can improve your reflex time as you train.

Durability is a key factor in the construction of your new punching bag. Look for a bag with a quality vinyl or polyester shell, filled with high-density foam padding. Reinforced stitching ensures your bag can handle every punch you throw. The filling of your punching bag impacts its weight, shape and stiffness. Softer bags are better suited for beginners, while stiffer bags provide the challenge an experienced boxer needs.

If you’re incorporating a speed bag into your training, keep in mind the material used in your speed bag board. Most speed bag boards are made of presswood. If you’re choosing a smaller board, extra reinforcement may be required.

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