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Ready for the Fight: MMA Equipment

Stock up for the ring with MMA gear from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Pick up all the essentials a fighter needs—sparring gloves, punching bags, mma shorts and much more. You’ll need ultra-durable constructions that stand up to your fight.

Mixed martial arts are a high-adrenaline mix of fighting techniques. This full-contact support blends elements of kickboxing, karate and boxing. And mixed martial artists need the right gear to take on the competition.

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Expert Advice

Start off with your MMA apparel. Utility is essential for your boxing shorts. Your MMA shorts should be sewn with stretchable panels and leg slits that promote mobility. A built-in waist gripper and drawcord ensures a snug-custom-like fit.

MMA punching bags provide an effective strength-training and cardio-training workout. A variety of bag routines promote faster reaction time, balance footwork. Select from hanging bags, free-standing bags and torso training bags.

Keep in mind the filling of your MMA punching bag. The filling of your bag impacts its weight, shape and stiffness. Bags are primarily filled with three materials:

  • Sand: Better for heavy kicking and punching. Produces less “sway,” or movement, with the bag.
  • Sawdust: A lighter bag with less impact on joints.
  • Grain: Absorbs energy and produces more “sway,” resulting in better feedback and movement.

Your MMA gloves are your most important tool in the ring. These open-fingered gloves allow you to strike, grapple and cut with total mobility. Lightweight padding provides the added protection you need. MMA gloves are not suitable for everyday sparring. Choose sparring gloves with plush cushioning for regular sparring practice.

Mouthguards are usually optional for MMA fighting, but a mouthpiece is a recommended piece of safety equipment for your fight. Most MMA fighters use a “boil and bite” mouthguard that lets you customize the fit of the piece at home.

MMA shin guards are lined with dense foam padding that shields shins from hard hits. An inner sleeve or liner ensures your shin guard doesn’t slip or dislodge—so you can stay focused on conditioning. Some fighters also opt for MMA headgear—inspired by the same equipment wrestlers wear.

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