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Learn More About Fitness Technology


Learn More About Fitness Technology

It's fitness by the numbers: Use fitness technology to boost your training.

Discover innovative, performance-ready devices that deliver real-time health stats to you as you train - so you can make the most of your workout. Get motivated with every step with easy access to vital health information.

Train smart with pedometers and fitness trackers, or navigate your route with the help of a GPS watches and running watches. Keep time with a stopwatch. Run in tune with earbuds and bicep bands for your iPhone, iPod or media player. Bring your workout home with workout video or fitness book for tips on maximizing your workout.

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Find breakthrough fitness technology from brands like Nike+®, Garmin®, STOTT PILATES®, and many others.

Expert Advice

Fitness technology makes your workout easier than ever. Keep tabs on your heart rate, distance, pace, calories burned and much more.

Choose fitness trackers, GPS watches and running watches that are lightweight and fit comfortably. A device that is water-resistant and shock-proof keeps pace with you when Mother Nature is unpredictable. Look for a clear display screen for hassle-free use.

Stay in step all day with pedometers that easily clip onto your clothing counting stairs climbed, steps taken and much more. Personalize your fitness plan with trackers that keep up with not only your training, but your sleep cycle and daily activity level.

Choose a device engineered for total utility: Many fitness trackers sync data to PCs, Macs, iPhones and iPads. Some allow you to create a healthy-eating food plan or allow you to interact with other users online.

The best sport watches allow for easy customization: Create customizable interval sessions and keep pace for each interval. Record your time, pace and distance on your runs. Select a runner's watch that comes with pre-loaded routes, perfect for discovering new courses near wherever you are.