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Lacrosse is a game of speed and precision—and selecting the right lacrosse cleat is the first step toward upping your game.

A synthetic upper provides support during lacrosse’s multidirectional movements and enhances fit, comfort and durability throughout the season. Cleats are typically organized into two main categories, mid and low-cut. Cleats with higher ankle support allow players to make quicker, smoother cuts. Attackers and midfielders need cleats optimized for dodging defenders and cutting across field. Explore the different kinds of lacrosse cleats available:

Turf Shoes:

  • Turf shoes contain various raised patterns on the bottom in place of studs to give players maximum control and stopping ability
  • Designed specifically for synthetic turf, artificial grass, field turf, ever grass, evergreen and turf grass applications
  • Good training shoes that could serve as a back-up game pair for hard-surface conditions
  • Provides maximum mobility in mind and offers very little stiffness on the sole of the shoe

Molded Cleats:

  • Molded cleats have non-removable rubber or TPU cleats formed on the bottom of the shoe
  • Stable and strong, able to be worn on and off the field without a problem

Detachable Cleats:

  • Features studs on the bottom that can be screwed on and off and replaced easily
  • Detachable cleats allow players to swap out worn-down cleats for new ones without having to buy a new pair
  • More versatile, as longer or shorter cleats can be attached to the shoe to compensate for different types of fields and wetness
  • Adjustable spike lengths, allow players to adjust their traction according to field conditions

Expert Advice

Field Hockey is the ultimate team sport. While there are no set positions, field hockey teams arrange themselves similar to football, with player roles including fullbacks on defense, midfielders or halfbacks, forwards on the front line and a single sweeper.

The field hockey cleats you ultimately choose will depend on your playing surface and experience level:

  • Most high school games are played on grass, so look for shoes with rubber cleats
  • Some high school games and most college games are played on artificial turf, so select a cleat with strong lateral support to provide good traction
  • Your cleat should have stellar cushioning and be large enough to accommodate two pairs of socks (the second pair of socks is to hold up shin guards and provide extra cushioning to protect your feet from all the pounding of running)
  • Most beginners learn the game on grass fields, where rubber cleats are optimal