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Selecting the right ball is an integral part of the game. For golfers, choosing a ball that matches their playing style is the first step toward enhancing on-course performance. Not all golf balls are created equally. Golfers can select from a number of internal and external ball constructions, suited for players at various skill levels and experience.

Many golf balls are built with two-piece construction, composed of an inner solid core and external cover. This design delivers distance, durability and the benefit of reduced spin – a combination best suited for less experienced players.

Look to brands including Titleist®, Callaway®, Top Flite® and Nike to produce top-performing golf balls in a variety of unique hues.

Most major golf ball manufacturers offer a wide array of balls that are designed for specific golfers, from the first-time novice to touring professionals. If you're looking for a gift, personalized golf balls can make a work outing or wedding party event more unique.

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Expert Advice

Think about color when you're selecting your golf ball. Selecting a distinct color helps golfers to more easily track their ball in all conditions, allowing for a more enjoyable round.

Brands such as Callaway, Bridgestone and Precept have developed golf balls specifically for female swing speeds. These balls feature a soft cover and lower compression core for even greater distance and forgiveness on the green. A new set of golf clubs can be the perfect complement to a new golf ball.

Golfers should try a variety of brands when choosing their ball. After you have settled on a brand, playing with the same ball on a regular basis will allow you to eliminate one variable in your game.

Keep in mind compression rating as a factor for find the perfect golf ball. Compression ratings of more than 100 are appropriate for golfers with a high swing speed who can carry drives more than 240 feet in the air. Those with slower swing speeds should select a ball with compression ratings between 80 and 90.

More advanced players might look to a multi-layer golf ball. These balls are composed of a solid or liquid core and two to three internal layers designed to produce better feedback and a higher spin. Multi-layer balls enable golfers to manipulate their ball flight, while providing better control for shorter shots.

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