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Up Your Game: Cleveland® Golf Clubs

Fine-tune your game with Cleveland®.

Tour-proven and engineered for performance, Cleveland® golf clubs are crafted to optimize your game. Fill your bag with the Cleveland® golf collection:

Cleveland is world-renowned for its golf wedges-its 588 wedge has become one of the best-selling wedges in the game. But don't overlook the rest of the Cleveland® lineup. The brand's latest wedges deliver pin-point accuracy for your short game, while its drivers promote terrorizing power from the tee or the green.

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Expert Advice

Cleveland® golf putters are built to get you out of any tight spot. These clubs perfectly blend feel and precision.

Carbon steel delivers a soft but solid feel on the shot. Industry-leading milling technology ensures your wedge is grooved for precision. Cleveland® wedges contain the maximum amount of grooves allowed by the USGA. And a satin exterior ensures your club is timeless, designed for durable and consistent play. A larger club face increases spin on scoring shots.

Cleveland® may be renowned for its breakthrough golf wedge, but you can up your game with the rest of the Cleveland® club roster. Try Cleveland Altitude Irons. Optimized for maximum forgiveness, these super-game improvement irons help golfers get up and away from any lie.

Cleveland® putters are built to provide a high moment of inertia—giving you mores stability and weight for a pendulum-like putting stroke. Easy-alignment faces ensure you can line up your shot.

Golf wedges are the specialty instrument of the game. These clubs are built to handle challenging, short-game shots on the green or sand. Specific detailing is used on the clubs to produce precision and reliability. Several types of wedges are available—choose the one that best suits your game.

  • Pitching wedges are ideal for beginning golfers. Master a basic pitching wedge before choosing more specialized clubs.
  • Gap wedges are between 51 and 53 degrees in loft. These wedges have become increasingly popular, closing the game between traditional irons and sand wedges.
  • Lob wedges are commonly between 60 and 64 degrees. You can increase ball height with a higher-lofted wedge, but you will decrease distance.

Keep in mind a few factors when searching for your next Cleveland® golf wedge: The length of your wedges should mirror that of your regular irons. Choose a sand wedge based on the kind of conditions you regularly play in. And carefully analyze your irons when searching for a wedge—determine where your gap is between your sand and pitching wedge.