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Game Classics: Indoor & Outdoor Table Tennis

Table tennis is a veritable game room staple-it's fun, easy to play and everyone can join in on the action. From your basement rec room to your backyard or deck, get the games underway with table tennis and table tennis gear from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Based on the game of tennis and developed in Victorian England, table tennis can be played indoors or out by two to four players. What makes table tennis a great choice for your game room? This simple game can be played by youngsters or novices, yet more experienced players can easily up the intensity for a more challenging match. Table tennis includes a table, central net, table tennis ball and small paddles for each player.

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Quality products and premium materials help you enjoy the game at its best. Find what you need from specialty table tennis brands like Stiga®, Butterfly® and Joola®.

Expert Advice

If you’re serious about your game, choose a tennis table that meets dimensions established by the International Table Tennis Federation—9-feet by 4-feet and 30 inches tall.For most, table tennis is just a great game for their household. Consider where you will use your table before making your purchase:

  • Outdoor Table Tennis: Picture it: A table tennis game at your next summer barbeque. Bring the game outside with a table designed to withstand the elements. Choose an outdoor table coated with aluminum, which prevents warping, scratching and cracking. Powder-coated steel legs provide stability.
  • Indoor Table Tennis: Indoor table tennis tables are generally built with a wood or composite surface, which provides quick response and bounce for intense play. Some systems fold for better storage when not in use.

Where space is limited, go for a mini-table tennis table, rollaway table or a tabletop that fits over an existing billiards table.

The game can’t get underway without table tennis paddles. Some players choose pre-packaged table tennis kits, which include complete paddles, or rackets, and other accessories, including table tennis balls.

Experienced players assemble their paddle from three distinct parts: A wooden handle, blade and rubber blade covering. This configuration enables players to better control the feel and performance of their paddle.

The rubber blade covering comes in varying degrees of thickness. As a general rule, thicker padding creates faster speed, but reduces control. A thinner rubber layer promotes more precise shots. Get a grip on your game: Table tennis paddles that come with a concave handle provide better feel and performance.