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Itís the quintessential rec room gameóbring a dartboard home for year-round fun everyone can join in on.

Get in on the game with electric and bristle dartboards and a wide collection of soft and steel-tip darts and dart supplies. Easily mount a dartboard directly to a wall or go for the classic look of an arcade-style board. Extra features, including storage compartments, cabinet sets and wall protectors, help you make the most of your new game.

Consider the different dartboards available at DICKíS Sporting Goods.

  • Electronic dartboards record player scores for added convenience.
  • Bristle dartboards are regulation size and outfitted for professional use. These boards are constructed with staple-free wires to prevent bounce-outs and are also self-healing.

Expert Advice

Whether youíre playing on your home dartboard or out with friends, learn the ropes with this quick how-to guide on the game of darts.

Most places have their own house rules, but get started with these standard guidelines:

Shooting order:

  • To decide who shoots first, both players shoot for the bullseye. The player who comes closest shoots first and turns alternate thereafter.
  • A turn consists of three darts, each thrown from behind the oche, or throw-line.

Legal throws:

  • The point of the dart must touch the board to count.
  • Darts that miss the board or bounce to the floor do not score and cannot be thrown again. A player may pick up and play a dropped dart.


The playing area is divided into wedges, each with a point value marked along the outer edge. Two rings overlap the playing area, signaling double or triple points if a dart lands within them.

  • A. Single (face value) points
  • B. Double points ring
  • C. Triple points ring
  • D. Single bull, 25 points
  • E. Double bull, 50 points

Board Set-up:

  • Mount the dart board on a wall with the center of the double bull at 5 ft 8 in from the floor.
  • Mark the oche, or toeline, at 7 ft 9.25 in from the face of the board. Remember to take into account the dart board depth when measuring the toeline. A bristle dart board has an average depth of 1.5 inches.

Protect your walls from dart punctures with a dartboard cabinet or wall-backer. Stand-up, arcade-style boards bring the dart league home, while modern electronic boards let you log and track the scores of multiple players. Many electronic boards come with pre-programmed games and different playing options for versatility.

A dartboard cabinet is a simple way to house and protect your board, while adding a stylish touch for your home. Select from materials including solid oak, rosewood and more.

Dart sets are available with chalk scoreboards on the inside of each cabinet door for simple scoring as your game progresses.

Select between steel-tip and soft-tip darts for the feel and throwing weight you're looking for. Shop dart supplies to keep your set stocked with extra dart shafts and sticks.