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How To Find The Right Camping Tent Or Backpacking Tent

Get a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors with quality tents from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Your camping tent needs to be designed for the rigors of your journey, whether you’re a casual family camper or a serious survivalist. Find the right outdoor shelter from top brands, including Coleman®, Eureka!®, Field & Stream® and The North Face®.

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Expert Advice

Heading out in Mother Nature? When purchasing a tent, you’ll need to think about environment, storage needs and capacity.

First, Know Your Space

It is extremely important to consider the amount of space you will need, based on the number of campers and the amount of gear you want to keep inside the tent. Keep in mind that a four-person tent accommodates four people without extra room for equipment and gear. Make sure you carefully consider the dimensions of the tent, as well as the needs of your campers.

Then Think About Accessories

Tent accessories help make your experience comfortable and successful. DICK'S Sporting Goods delivers a range of items like floor sealant for extra water protection, portable fans for proper ventilation and gear lofts for extra storage.

Consider Doors & Vestibules

Tents with more than one door are great for larger groups of campers. Additional doors allow easier entrances and exits without disturbing your tent-mates.

Vestibules are a great option for additional covered storage for your gear outside the main tent area. These are often extended areas under the rain fly that allow space for backpacks, muddy boots, trekking poles and more. Gear lofts are similar to hammocks or shelves inside the tent, providing you additional space to organize gear inside the tent.

Finally, Know Your Environment

Some tents are made for recreational use at a campground. Others come fortified for extended journeys in the wilderness. Always consult product information for details about your tent. There, you’ll find usage and climate guidelines, which can help you find a tent that’s appropriate for your trip.

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