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Fishing Lures to Catch a Trophy

Among the many different pieces of equipment required for fishing, fishing lures are perhaps the most important. A fishing bait, lures typically replicate different food sources, however they are sometimes designed to appeal to a fish’s sense of territory, curiosity or aggression.

Primary types of fishing lures include:

  • Jig - A weighted head opposite a hook; often used in combination with other components
  • Topwater Surface Lures - Also known as poppers , surface lures float and resemble prey that is on top of the water
  • Spoon Lures - Resembling a spoon, Spoon lures reflect light and wobble to attract fish
  • Crankbaits- Resemble fish and attract attention through movement
  • Artificial Flies - Used in fly fishing, Artificial flies resemble natural flies and larvae
  • Softbaits - Plastic lures crafted to resemble natural foods like crayfish, worms and other creatures
  • Spinnerbaits - A metal hook with a flashing spinning mechanism
  • Swimbaits - A type of soft plastic lure that resembles a natural baitfish

Buying Tips

Bass can be elusive and with the many different factors that affect lure selection, finding the best bass fishing lures for the situation can often be a dicey proposition. Location, temperature, water conditions and more can have an effect on fishing bait selection.

Before you buy a tackle box full of bass fishing lures, you may want to consider adding two to four of the best fishing lures around to your arsenal:

  • Topwater Popper - Resembling a small frog, bluegill or larger fish chasing a smaller baitfish, the Topwater Popper attracts fish from deeper water and is among the best Bass fishing lures for catching fish around standing timber, boat docks, lay downs, boulders, the edge of aquatic vegetation, or even in open water.
  • Spinnerbait - Among the better fishing lures for locating fish on unfamiliar lakes, the Spinnerbait can be used in a variety of ways. Buzzed across the surface of the water, slow rolled over the bottom or just reeled in, this lure resembles a variety of forage fish that Bass find attractive. Useful around cover and in multiple conditions, the Spinnerbait is definitely one of the most useful bass fishing lures available.

Expert Advice

Created to imitate crawfish, salamanders and all sorts of creatures that trout eat, soft plastics are some of the most effective trout fishing lures available.

Particularly flexible in a variety of conditions, soft baits are some of the best fishing lures to have on hand when you’re unfamiliar with what the conditions may be. With versions resembling grubs, craw-tubes, stick baits and more, these lures can be rigged in many different ways to help you keep your options open.

Elongated fishing lures that simulate baitfish, jerkbaits resemble are minnow-like lures that often attract some bigger than average fish on most days. Available in several levels of buoyancy, these narrow trout fishing lures are available in a range of sizes; typically most trout anglers will get the best results in the 2 to 2.5 inch range.