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A successful hunting season starts with the right preparation and of course, game feeders designed to provide wildlife like deer proper nutrition in their natural habitat. Preparation wouldn't be complete without the use of a proper trail camera to let you monitor what is on your land.

When it comes to animal feed, there are many options depending on your terrain needs. Whether you need attractants and minerals for a game feeder or food plots for more rugged terrain, Wildgame Innovation and Evolved Habitats are just a couple of brands offering feed for land and game feeders.

A few food plot, mineral and attractant options include:

  • No-till food plots
  • Crushed or liquid minerals and attractants

Purchasing your feed and trail camera go hand in hand. There are many options when it comes to trail cameras as there are numerous features that game cameras offer such as:

  • Infrared Flash
  • Infrared - Invisible & Long-range ability
  • Strobe - High quality color photos for day and night
  • Black Infrared - Absolutely zero visible light

Expert Advice

As you are deciding what game management options are best for your hunting season, keep these considerations in mind.

What type of terrain will you be placing this feeder on?

  • Consider buying a hanging feeder for more rugged terrain as opposed to tripod feeders for more even ground
  • Areas that are more difficult to place a feeder on for attractants and minerals, consider food plots like No-Till food plot seed

Whether preparing for the season or in the midst of the hunting season, here are a few pointers to make your hunting season a success:

  • Replenish your feeder all year round
  • When prepping your food plots, keep weather and land conditions in mind:
  • Wind, excess moisture or extreme dry conditions are not ideal for prepping plots
  • Trail or scouting cameras let you know what type of species are on your land and roughly how many, so invest in a high-quality camera. One that offers infrared flash is best for detecting deer and other animal activity at night.


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