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Football Gear For Your Season

Unrelenting. When perseverance meets breakthrough technology on the gridiron, nothing stands in your way.

Dominate the field like never before with football equipment engineered for your game.

Find football gear made for the trenches. Discover unbeatable durability, all season long. From practice to play and for youth football or adult football players, shop equipment from trusted brands Nike Football®, Under Armour®, Xenith® and Shock Doctor®.

Throw around an official-sized Rawlings® football for practice or a game in the backyard. Referees can suit up for the game in black and white V-neck jerseys, and coaches can keep players hydrated on the sidelines with official Gatorade® coolers and bottles.

Discover custom-like football helmets from Riddell® that shield against injury, built with remarkable shells that both protect and permit proper air circulation. Pull on football cleats for the gridiron: Expect a streamlined fit and lightweight feel with the maximized traction and adaptive cushioning you need.

Turn to tough football jerseys and pants that grant complete mobility and a breathable feel. Break tackles and take blows with the latest football pads technology. Always be prepared for impact with integrated compression shirts and pants that contour to your body. Gain strength with protective gear from EvoShield®.

Head into battle with gloves that grip and flex with a second-skin fit. Choose football accessories like eye black, spats, hand warmers, facemasks, chin straps, and eye shields and visors for your helmet.

Expert Advice

The football collection at DICK’S Sporting Goods includes all the equipment you need for the season. Use these tips to find the football gear that’s right for you:

  • Get the game going in your backyard with official-size footballs or flag football gear. These items are perfect for a casual pick-up game.
  • Referees can suit up for the game in black and white V-neck jerseys. Coaches can ensure games and practices run effectively with football coaching accessories.
  • Football jerseys and pants should always allow for natural mobility. Integrated apparel includes built-in padding for an extra layer of shock absorption on the field.
  • Football pads and protective gear should offer protection without unnecessary bulk. The latest protective gear is engineered for performance, with remarkable materials and design that maximizes your game.
  • Football cleats are among your most important tools on the field. Select from a variety of cleat types and technologies for the pair that’s right for your game.
  • Upgrade your arsenal with football accessories, including eye black, spats, hand warmers, facemasks, chin straps, eye shields and helmet visors.

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