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Game Day-Ready: Shop Youth Football Equipment

He’s suiting up for the gridiron for the first time—so outfit him with youth football gear that helps him rule the field.

The latest youth football equipment is engineered to shield and protect without hindering play. Think integrated compression that supports his muscles and cushions against impact, and football cleats that deliver lockdown speed and stability.

Technical fabrics keep him comfortable through the game’s final stretch, while the latest protective technology provides superb protection from hits.

Shop industry-leading football equipment for gear you trust, including Under Armour®, Shock Doctor®, Nike® and many more.

Expert Advice

Pick up all the essentials he needs for his season:

Youth football gloves should be cut for a snug, comfortable fit. A flexible design ensures he can bend and grip naturally with his fingers. Texturized or tacky palm material improves grip, while perforated panels provide breathability.

Youth football apparel includes items for both practice and game day. Compression apparel is a must-have for his season. Compression shirts, shorts and pants are designed for a snug, second-skin fit. Technical fabric contours to his body with a graduated fit, supporting his muscles and boosting blood circulation for quicker recovery post-game.

Youth integrated football pants secure his leg and hip padding in place. Padded football shirts come with responsive foam sewn into the fabric, for an extra layer of protection against impact.

Youth football shoulder pads provide protection during tackling. His shoulder pad set should cover his shoulders, upper chest and upper back. Choose his should pads based on his playing position. Quarterbacks require less padding, which gives them increased mobility on the field. If he’s a linebacker or lineman, he needs larger pads to absorb high-impact tackles.

All football equipment needs to fit correctly for proper protection. And his youth football helmet is among the most important pieces of equipment on the field.

Helmets safeguard against head, neck and brain injuries on the field. His helmet facemask prevents the risk of facial and eye injuries. Always choose helmets approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, or NOCSAE.

Youth helmet sizes vary based on brand, so always consult manufacture guidelines for specifics on sizing. Use a cloth measuring tape to measure the circumference of your child’s head, measuring one inch above the eyebrows.

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