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Itís your main weapon on the iceóamplify your game with the right hockey stick.

From the streets to the arena, shop the spectrum of hockey sticks, available in a variety of innovative materials and constructions. Browse the collection:

It takes a tough stick to stand up to your hockey game. Modern shafts come in an array of innovative materials, designed for both a lightweight feel and strength on the ice. The shaft you choose is a matter of personal choice.

Expert Advice

One piece composite sticks are the most durable and the most preferred stick for ice hockey. They are also extremely lightweight and are made to last.

Wood hockey sticks are typically heavier, but deliver excellent feel on the ice. If the blade is not taped properly and often, water and ice can get in the blade, splinter it, add weight and take away from the stickís effectiveness. Other materials include:

  • Fiberglass sticks have a wood core and are reinforced with a fiberglass coating. The wood core makes them somewhat heavy during play.
  • Aluminum hockey sticks are designed completely of aluminum, creating a stick that is relatively heavy but also strong on the ice. Aluminum sticks employ replaceable replaceable blades.
  • Graphite is used in variety of ways during stick construction. Graphite can be used as a coating or reinforcing material and is sometimes mixed with other materials to form a shaft. Graphite can also be used entirely on its own as a stick material. Graphite sticks employ replaceable blades.

When buying a stick, consider two important factors: curve and flex.

The player chooses the curve based on their style of play. A player who likes to shoot and pass on the backhand and also make saucer passes will use more of a straight curve. Players relying on wrist shots and snap shots usually prefer more of a curve to their blade, which helps add velocity.

Players who prefer the snapshot and wrist shot usually go with a lighter flex while players who take a lot of slap shots go with a stiffer flex. The higher the flex, the more stiffness the shaft of the stick has.

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