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Up Your Game With Performance Roller Hockey Gear

Face the competition like never before: Performance roller hockey gear is the difference-maker your game needs.

Advanced players and beginners alike can find the gear they need to take their game to the next level. Suit up with precision-engineered roller hockey skates, industry-leading protective equipment and roller hockey sticks built for a solid feel and reliable performance.

Pack up for the rink with roller hockey pucks, balls, nets and goals. Discover everything your season needs from brand like Reebok®, Shock Doctor®, Bauer®, CCM® and Easton®.

Expert Advice

Rack up shots on goal with the right roller hockey equipment. Get ready for game day with these season essentials:

  • Roller Hockey Sticks: When selecting a roller hockey stick, three factors are essential: stiffness, length and stick lie. Unlike ice sticks, most roller hockey sticks are constructed from wood, creating a heftier, stiffer feel during play.
  • Protective Hockey Gear: Protective equipment is critical. Select from roller hockey helmets with and without facemasks, integrated protective clothing and roller hockey pants and girdles.
  • Roller Hockey Goalie Equipment: Get ready for the action behind the crease with the right goalie protective equipment. Padding sets include leg pads, gloves and a blocker. If you’d like to customize your protection, try purchasing single pieces. Goalie chest protectors are constructed with foam padding and ventilated mesh for a breathable feel that never compromises protection.

Roller hockey inline skates are constructed much like traditional ice hockey skates. These ultra-durable skates feature leather uppers lined with padding for extra protection.

Most roller hockey skates feature a lace-up closure system—ensuring a comfortable, locked-in fit while you play. Longer frames and a fifth wheel create better stability for longer strides. Longer wheels promote faster acceleration. These skates generally do not include a breaking system. Select between senior, junior and youth-level hockey skates.

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