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Prep for the Game with Hockey Training Aids, Nets & Accessories

Take your best shot with the help of ice hockey and roller hockey training aids.

Start off with the essentials your game needs, like pucks, bags, balls, and wax. Keep hydrated on the bench with Gatorade® water coolers and jugs, and pack up mouthguards for protection on the ice.

Then, hone your fundamentals with basic athletic training aids, like agility and weight trainers. Zero in on your shot with the help of full-size hockey pucks, hockey shooting targets and shooting boards. Shop training aids from top hockey brands like Franklin®, Mylec® and Green Biscuit®.

Expert Advice

Players who use their hockey net frequently should consider a steel frame. This makes transporting your goal more difficult, but provides more longevity. PVC frames are more portable, but will need to be pieced back together before play.

Hockey balls are a great option for level playing surfaces and environments— and pick up a set of glow-in-the-dark balls for an after-hours street game. Play a pick-up game on sloped ground or wide-open areas with a hockey puck.

Hockey tape is a great way to increase your stick control. Many composite hockey sticks feature grip coating, but applying a spiral of tape along your stick’s shaft provides similar results on wood or smooth composite stick surfaces.

Never overlook the importance of your hockey bag. Head to the rink with the right bag and shop a selection of hockey bags that includes backpack and duffel styles. Telescopic handles and wheels on some bags make for easy maneuverability. Bags with rubberized bottoms keep your gear dry and protected.

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