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Bike For Performance, Recreation & Fitness

Relish the ride with the latest bikes at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Whether you’re cruising city streets or taking on off-road terrain, a performance-built bike is essential for your ride. Log miles with the latest mountain bikes, road bikes and hybrids—and explore a variety bike constructions, materials and features.

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a casual weekend rider, gear up for the journey with bikes from top brands—like Diamondback®, Nishiki® and DK Bicycles®.

Expert Advice

Bikes are built for specific terrains and types of rides—select your next bike based on your riding environment and needs as a cyclist.

Mountain Bikes: Best for rough terrain and off-road riding.

Mountain bikes are designed to handle well in rough terrain and rugged conditions.

  • Sturdy frames, wider tires, upright handlebars and strong brakes
  • Low gears make it easier to pedal uphill, through mud and over rough terrain
  • Heavier than road and hybrid bikes, mountain bikes are built to withstand frequent use and rough riding
  • Brakes have extra clearance to reduce mud and debris build-up

Hybrid Bikes: Best for casual road riding, commuting, smooth dirt roads or trails

Hybrid bikes combine features from mountain and road bikes. These bikes perform well in rough conditions like mountain bikes, but are lightweight like road bikes.

  • Combines features from mountain bikes and road bikes
  • Lightweight frame, upright riding position, wider wheels for stability
  • Flat, straight handlebars give riders good position and control on the road
  • 700c tires can be ridden on light trails and paved roads

Cruiser Bikes: Best for leisure riding on paved trails

Cruiser bikes are designed for relaxed riding on paved trails. With an upright seating position and well-padded seats, these bikes are comfortable and easy to handle.

BMX Bikes: Best for performing tricks and stunts, racing, obstacle courses, Motocross

BMX bikes are well suited for Motocross racing, street riding and park riding. These bikes have smaller wheels and frames great for Bicycle Motocross racing and performing tricks and stunts.

Aluminum is the most common material used in the construction of bicycles and delivers a lightweight feel for an agile ride. Steel proves the most durable in a variety of terrains and conditions – feature that makes it an asset to mountain cyclists.

Consider the braking system on your bike. Coaster brakes engage with reverse pressure.

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