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Play Ball: Learn More About Fastpitch Softball Gear

Step up to the plate with performance-changing gear. Shop the fastpitch softball collection for gear that’s designed for the sport.

The perfect bat. The right glove. Cleats optimized for traction. Explore the softball collection at DICK’ Sporting Goods for everything your season needs:

Accessorize for the game with headbands, battling gloves and softball socks crafted to enhance the fit of your cleat. Pack up for the dugout with softball bags and backpacks.

Shop popular softball brands, including Easton®, Under Armour® and Worth®.

Expert Advice

Fastpitch softball bats are broken into three categories: aluminum, composite and a hybrid of the two. Aluminum bats are popular for their slight swing weight, which promotes control and bat speed. This material produces a highly durable bat with an increased sweet spot— or the optimal hitting zone on the bat’s barrel.

Composite is a lightweight material that provides an optimized sweet spot, dampened vibrations and consistent performance at the plate. Composite bats often require a break-in period before using in a game setting.

Composite/alloy, or hybrid bats, combine lightweight composite material in the handle with durable aluminum alloy in the barrel to minimize sting and maximize barrel “pop.”

Fastpitch softball gloves are your ultimate tool on the softball diamond. Your glove should fit snugly. Gloves that are too large hinder performance. The feel of your glove should be stiff enough to provide strength and protection during hard catches, yet flexible enough to close quickly when landing a catch.

Synthetic leather softball gloves are generally easy to close and don’t require a break-in period. Softened, oil-treated leather offers a game-ready feel with minimal break-in time. For the best performance, try a premium leather glove, crafted for durability in your game.

This season, outfit for performance. It’s the details that matter in your softball game.

Women’s softball slides provide added protection. Choose sliders designed with strategically placed padding. Compression sliders work to support your muscles and boost blood circulation—cutting downs on aches, pains and soreness post-game. Layer compression baselayers—shirts, shorts and sleeves, under your uniform to fortify yourself for the game.

Hone your skills with the right softball training gear. A rebounding net lets you practice batting, pitching and more at home. Look for a lightweight tent that’s easy to pack and carry to practice. For a realistic feel during practice, go for a softball pitching machine. Many machines load more than a balls at once for efficient batting practice.

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