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Court Classics: Spalding® Basketballs & Hoops

From the court to the concrete, get the game going with Spalding® basketballs, hoops and accessories.

Take on the competition with one of the best-known basketballs in the game. Spalding® basketballs are specially crafted for soft touch, durability and structural integrity. Youth-sized Spalding® balls help beginners master the game, while replica NBA® Spalding® basketballs give that professional on-court feel.

Bring your game home with Spalding® basketball hoop systems, available in both in-ground and portable hoop models. Then, you can outfit your hoop with Spalding® rims, nets and much more.

Expert Advice

Spalding® replica NBA® basketballs meet league size and weight requirements for professional-level play. Many Spalding® balls feature a full-grain leather or microfiber constructionóboth materials offer superb grip and feel. Full-grain leather performs well on concrete courts.

Select from indoor and outdoor Spalding® basketballs for the one thatís right for your game.

Go for the convenience of a portable Spalding® basketball hoop, or get the professional-game feel of an in-ground hoop system. In-ground systems are posited and cemented into the ground and are extremely stable for aggressive play. These systems typically require a professional installation.

Spalding® portable systems are easily adjustable and portable. They do not require a professional installation, but lack the stability of a permanent structure.

Spalding® basketball hoops are designed with heavy-duty steel and breakaway basketball rims that hold up to aggressive play. Polycarbonate backboards are ultra-durable and sturdy for your game.

Canít decide between a portable or stand-alone hoop system? Try a backboard and rim combo, which can be easily mounted to your garage or home. These systems are semi-permanent but can be easily removed once installed.

Your Spalding® basketball is specially designed to offer exceptional durability during indoor and outdoor play. The brandís membrane technology virtually eliminates air seepage, and a specially designed minimizes leaks and dirt seepage.