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Ready For The Field: Paintball & Air Guns Buying Guide

Take on the playing field with confidence. Pick up the right gear for your game with top-performing bb guns or air rifles, paintball guns, slingshots and much more.

Choose markers that are reliable, accurate and designed for hassle-free use on the paintball battlefield. Get everything you need in one package with paintball guns that come complete with a pack of all the essential gear you need. Select from guns powered by electric, spring or CO2 propulsion.

Shop top brands for the gear you're looking for, like Benjamin®, Barska®, Beretta® and others.

Expert Advice

Choose an air gun based on your personal tastes and playing style. Those who prefer ease and lightness in a gun should pick up a lightweight air pistol for their game, complete with features like realistic side-kicking action and a drop-out magazine.

Paintballers who thrive on the intensity of staged battles can choose from realistic-looking guns and rifles that resemble tactical firearms used by military and law enforcement. From the heavier feel of a stocky semi-automatic or the sleek look of a sniper rifle, find the gun that gets you excited for your next paintball session.

Consider the role you'll be playing on the battlefield when selecting your gun. Front players require an air gun, airsoft gun or paintball gun that is both compact and lightweight. A gun with a lightweight design allows players to move with agility and aim from side to side.

Cover players should use a gun with automatic firing and a quick loading feature for pumping out a high volume of rounds. These players should consider carrying along a harness that features three or four pouches for additional ammunition.

Utility players should go for equipment that is a blend of both worlds: Accessorize with a harness that features at least two ammo pouches and a gun designed with a quick-load mechanism. These players may choose a lightweight gun for mobility, or a longer gun for added accuracy.