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Lead your Team to Victory with the Right Coaching Gear

Get all the coach equipment you need for practice, scrimmage and the big game at DICK'S Sporting Goods. Let DICK'S help you unleash your tactical side for all sports and skill levels. Our assortment is complete with clipboards, carts, bags, cones and other sideline products. We carry coaching and training aids for all sports including basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and volleyball.

Get everyone’s attention with whistles and megaphones. Maintain the field with line markers and field brooms. Then pick up essentials—like first-aid kits, athletic tape and ice packs.

Coaching is essential to the victory of your team, so get the right coach gear to motivate and improve your team. Consider what your team needs for skills training, score keeping and sports medicine. Finally, consider what you need as a coach to keep your head in the game.

Shop coach equipment from top brands like Nike, Under Armour and adidas at DICK'S Sporting Goods. Lead your team to victory with the aid of whistles, megaphones and clipboards. Improve game tactics with skills training aids including cones, field markers and other training obstacles. Plus, ensure the safety of your team with our assortment of on-field first aid kits.

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Keep your team hydrated with water bottles, gallon coolers and Gatorade. Consider travel chairs and benches for road games or off-campus practice and scrimmages. First aid kits, athletic tape, wraps and bandages are a must-have for injury prevention and treatment.

Determine what's best for your sport, team and skill level . Whatever your needs, DICK'S Sporting Goods can help. On-field necessities for practice and games include cones and sideline markers. Stock the sidelines with all your coaching necessities, including ball pumps, first aid kits and more.

Be prepared for any situation. Gear up for the game with your necessities: a clipboard, play book, hat, sunglasses, whistle and a stopwatch or timer. Stock up on balls and ball pumps so you'll always have a spare.

Although tactics take you a long way, you also need to keep your players healthy. DICK'S Sporting Goods offers a variety of first aid gear. Equip your sideline or dugout with water bottles, Gatorade, coolers and first aid equipment. Spare tape, wraps and braces are great gear to have on-hand for sports injury treatment and prevention.

For in-game situations, you want to invest in a cold/hot gel or spray. Minor bumps and bruises are a part of any sport, and with a cold/hot healing system, your players are able to push past the pain. Cold/hot healing systems use cold to numb the pain and warm energy to work as a temporary relief agent.

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