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EPIC Fitness Gear for your Workout

It's the fitness gear for your healthy lifestyle: Reach your goals with the help of EPIC Fitness®.

Get fitness equipment with results-maximizing features, like comfortable seating, built-in cooling fans and high-definition displays that let you customize your workout. Log miles on an EPIC® treadmill or get an efficient, full-body workout on a smooth-riding EPIC® elliptical trainer. Cycle on an EPIC® exercise bike. Skip the gym membership with EPIC Fitness® equipment that fits comfortably in your home.

Expert Advice

Stay inspired during your at-home workout: EPIC® equipment comes with easy-to-program workout options and the ability to adjust factors like inclines, resistance and speed.

EPIC Fitness® equipment is built for a sturdy, stable feels as you push the pace. Look for oversized pedals, handlebars designed for an ergonomic fit in your hand and seating that relieves pressure points as you train. EPIC® recumbent bikes are built with supportive backrests for additional comfort as you train.

Choose a treadmill with a responsive, shock-absorbing deck for fluid movement as you run. A wide deck enables you to maintain a natural gait as you run.

Your exercise machine should fit comfortably into your home – consider space-saving compact models that fold for easy storage. Generally, the more features a piece of exercise equipment has, the more room it will require in your home.

It's the details that count on your EPIC® fitness gear. EPIC® equipment comes with features like media player docking systems and SafeZone™ security to safeguard small children and animals around your equipment.

SafeZone™ ultrasonic rear motion sensors detect movement of a person approaching behind the machine. If a child or pet gets too close, the EPIC® machine turns off for peace of mind.

Stay motivated with every step using EPIC® gear. The brand's proprietary iFit syncs your fitness data to your smart phone or media player – helping you monitor your performance, discover new training programs and interact with athletes around the world.