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Game Day Ready: Field Hockey Sticks

It's crucial to your game select a field hockey stick that helps you break boundaries on the pitch.

Select a versatile field hockey stick that delivers the hitting power, control and grip you need. Take over the game with field hockey sticks designed of varying constructions, designs and sizes and discover the right match for your playing style.

Select from outdoor or indoor field hockey sticks. Turn to top brands Grays, STX, Brine and more.

Expert Advice

Choose high-quality wood hockey sticks for enhanced strength and stability. Look to mulberry or hickory wood for the playability your game needs.

Sticks comprised of composite wood and fiberglass are appropriate at the high school and collegiate level. Composite sticks generate more power for hit as well as increased flexibility. Look for reinforcing materials on your stick which add varying degrees of stiffness for shock absorption, power and durability.

Consider the different toe styles. The toe of your field hockey stick is the bottom end that touches the ground and strikes the ball. The toe design varies based on player position and style of play.

  • Hooks: Feature a large stopping surface that helps with receiving the ball. This toe style is often preferred by defenders.
  • Maxis: Feature a large hood surface and long length for greater hitting and stopping. These are good options for midfielders or those looking for beginner field hockey sticks.
  • Shortis: Feature a design that allows quick movement around the ball and are ideal for offensive players.

Many players, including midfielders, prefer to take to the field in medium-weight sticks. Forwards generally use lighter sticks for increased maneuverability and defenders typically opt for a heaver stick for a harder hit.

Field hockey sticks have bows that range from 20 to 35 millimeters. Smaller bows help with stick control and are best suited for beginners because they help reduce lifts. Larger bows produce higher speeds from drag-flicks and are preferred by more advanced players.

Keep in mind your field position when choosing the weight of your stick. Lighter, 19 or 20-ounce sticks are quicker and are typically used by offensive players. Heavier sticks weigh in around 22 to 24 ounces and are preferred by defenders for the extra power they provide.

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