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Make your mark on the field. Shop performance paintball gear, including paintball guns and protective gear that helps you dominate your game.

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Take to the playing field with confidence. Choose markers designed for reliable, accurate and hassle-free use on the battlefield. And the right paintball protective gear blends a lightweight feel with absolute protection.

Find the equipment you need from paintball brands, including TIPPMAN®, Spyder Paintball®, US Army® and many more.

Buying Tips

Whether youíre a weekend warrior or a skilled tournament player, look for a marker that suits your position:

Front Players: Speed, weight and size are critical. If you don't want to mount your air supply on your marker, you can purchase a remote air hose to decrease weight and to increase your mobility. When you do shoot, accuracy is a must, so find a marker that allows you to mount the air supply bottle so it can be used as a stock.

Cover Players: You'll be shooting lots of rounds so choose a large air supply bottle remote system. You will want system that allows you to load and unload the bottle quickly.

Buy a large air supply bottle and mount it on the gun. Pressure, or propulsion, systems give your marker the air it needs to propel a paintball. All tanks are shipped unfilled because of shipping restrictions. Two styles are offered:

Carbon Dioxide:

  • The most common pressure system
  • The tank size determines the rounds that you will be able to shoot
  • The main drawback is that carbon dioxide can be either a liquid, gas or both, depending on temperatures, especially when they dip below 50F. This causes fluctuations in velocities and therefore in shooting accuracy.

High-pressure air (HPA) and nitrogen systems:

  • These always operate as a gas so your marker doesn't fall prey to changing velocities
  • This then further ensures accuracy. If you are serious about the sport, consider this option
  • Some fields, though, may not be able to fill your system so check before buying

Expert Advice

Protective equipment isnít optional for your paintball gameóitís an essential part of your gameís arsenal:

  • Vest: Provides protection in the critically sensitive areas, including your kidneys, heart and back
  • Eye protection: Paintball goggles are a requirement for your game.
  • Paintball goggles are designed to withstand the impact of a paintball, and give you front, top, and side protection.