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Winter Styles: Sheepskin Boots For Men, Women & Kids

When the weather turns wintry, sheepskin boots deliver the luxe warmth you need. These cold-weather essentials protect and comfort when Mother Nature is at her harshest.

Discover sheepskin boots crafted for complete weather protection. Trek through backcountry in full-grain leather boots, stuffed with rich sheepskin liner, or head out in the cold in casual women's sheepskin boots.

You can select from a variety of styles and footwear technologies that help you make the most of the season. Shop men's sheepskin boots, women's sheepskin boots and kids' sheepskin boots.

Select from a variety of styles and features that help you make the most of the season. Explore the latest looks from your favorite brands, including UGG® and BEARPAW®.

Expert Advice

Why choose boots with a sheepskin lining?

In bitter conditions, sheepskin is your go-to material. This natural insulator is often used as a thermal lining in leather, suede and synthetic boots.

Sheepskin helps trap and retain body heat for long-lasting warmth—perfect for long days out in the cold. This material is naturally lightweight with a soft texture that promotes comfort during every wear. It’s plush build offers some shock absorption and cushion.

Best of all, sheepskin naturally wicks away moisture from your skin, keeping you dry and fresh when you’re out on a hike or outside working.

Winter and cold-weather boots should always be designed for functionality. Sheepskin provides superior thermal insulation from the cold, and other specialized features help you thrive in winter conditions.

Winter boots should have an aggressive rubber outsole for tread on slick terrain. If you’ll be trekking through snow or mud, consider boots with lugs along the outsole. Full-grain leather, rubber and synthetic boot uppers are waterproof. Suede boots can be treated with a waterproofing agent to ensure weather protection.

Opting for weatherized protection doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Look for a boot that’s lined with a responsive midsole foam, such as EVA or polyurethane. These materials provide cushion and strategic shock absorption.