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Make a catch worth bragging about with the help of freshwater fishing tackle at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Rely on the fishing gear experienced anglers trust. Cast outward into the stream or lake with freshwater spinning, casting and trolling rods—and bring in your game fish with performance freshwater fishing reels.

Pack up with tackle storage, including tackle boxes, bags and backpacks. And select from a remarkable collection of soft plastic baits, hard baits, fishing rigs, jigs and spinner baits. Freshwater fishing electronics and fish finders can help you pinpoint your next catch and freshwater fishing combos, great for novices looking to enjoy their time by the water.

Shop top brands for the fishing gear your outing needs, like Abu Garcia®, Berkley®, Flambeau®, Shakespeare® and many more.

Expert Advice

The right tackle and equipment translates to a successful day by the water. And it all starts with the right rod and reel. Fiberglass freshwater fishing rods are ideal for beginners. These rods have an average weight and solid fighting strength. Best of all, they require little maintenance. Advanced anglers often opt for a graphite freshwater fishing rod for their superior blend of strength and lightness. If you’re doing battle with large game fish—like muskie or bass—you might choose a graphite rod.

Baitcasting and conventional reels work with the weight of a bait or lure as it pulls on the line, turning the spool to release more line. These reel models are often preferred by more advanced anglers, particularly when using heavy line and lures to salmon or steelhead fishing.

Spinning reels mount on the underside of a spinning rod. The spool is parallel to the rod and does not rotate as you cast, which reduces the chance of tangles. Novice anglers and beginners love the lack of complexity that these reels offer.

Technology can give you the upper hand on the water. Explore the entire collection of fishing electronics for fish finders, underwater cameras, GPS systems and flashers.

Fish finders, sometimes called sounders or depth finders, send wound waves below the water’s surface by way of a transducer. These sound waves reflect off objects, including fish or structures below the water. These wave reflections are interpreted by your device and displayed on your screen. If you’re an ice fisherman, a finder or flasher is a must.

Some fish finders feature built-in GPS functionality that saves space on your boat and provides both navigation and spot location.


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