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Sun Protective Clothing

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Stay Protected With Sun-Resistant Clothing

Sun-protectant clothing gives you extra coverage from the sunís harmful glare.

Rain or shine, you encounter UV radiation every time you step outside. And overexposure to the sunís invisible ultra-violet let rays can lead to sunburn, premature skin aging and cancer. Specialized fabrics partially block and diffuse these rays to protect skin.

Best of all, some of your favorite essentials are crafted from sun-protecting fabric. Think lightweight T-shirts and shorts, breezy sundresses and menís polos. Trek in backcountry with ultra-durable hiking shorts or log miles in the sun with UV-resistant gym shorts. When the weather turns cold you can cover up with a UV-resistant hoodie.

Your favorite brands offer sun-protecting clothing, including The North Face®, Columbia® and Patagonia®. Shop menís UV-protecting clothing and womenís UV protectant clothing. Keep hair and glare at bay with the help of UV-resistant hats.

Expert Advice

While most clothing provides some minimal protection from sunburn, UV-resistant clothing is engineered to provide optimal coverage.

Several methods are used in the design of sun-resistant garments. Some pieces are densely woven, minimizing space between yarns to block out ultraviolet radiation. Thick threads and specialized fabrics, like polyester, are also used to disrupt radiation.

Other clothing is treated with chemicals that absorb UV rays. Sometimes a specialized dye is used to deflect the sunís rays.

Always consult product information for specifics on your garment and the level of UV protection it provides.