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Strength-training is an important part of your fitness regimen, helping you improve bone density, boosts stamina and control weight. With industry-leading fitness gear you can give your workout an edge. From in-home gyms to weight sets and functional fitness gear, discover the equipment you need from top strength brands.

Whether youíre a seasoned strength-trainer or just getting started, the right equipment is the difference-maker your workout needs.

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Expert Advice

The top strength-training brands at DICKíS Sporting Goods offer a variety of equipment for your fitness needs. You put in the hours and give your body nutrients and care. Whether youíre looking to gain muscle mass or get toned, outfit your home or gym with sturdy equipment thatís easy to use for maximum results. There are a wide variety of strength-training products including:

  • Wearable weights and dumbbells, perfect for strengthening and toning.
  • In-home gym equipment to train your entire body.
  • Weight benches and weights sets for an all-around workout.
  • Kettle-bells, medicine balls and resistance bands, which allow you to train anywhere.

Find the equipment and exercises that work best for your goals to keep your whole body looking and feeling strong. Mix up your routine with new equipment to prevent fitness plateaus.

Keep track of every workout with fitness trackers from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

When purchasing home gym equipment, be mindful of space. In addition to the amount of space a machine or bench takes up, allow extra room for maneuvering around your equipment. The usefulness of a bench in a cramped area is greatly diminished. You want your home gym to be pleasant to use and be in. Hopefully, you'll be spending many hours there. Check out great fitness and toning accessories at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

It's good to be ambitious, but don't lift too much weight too soon. Work your way up to heavier dumbbells and avoid hurting yourself. Nothing will hinder your progress more than a nagging injury. Stay safe and see results.