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Learn About Body-Solid® Strength-Training Gear

Get next-level strength-training in your home with Body-Solid® equipment.

Durable and reliable, Body-Solid® gear includes all the essentials you need for your home gym. Equip with weight benches, racks, bars, free weights and much more.

Body-Solid® home gyms offer a variety of workout options in a single, multi-functional system. Classic weight benches, squat racks and free weight systems help you hone in on major muscle groups for an effective workout.

Expert Advice

Strength-training can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels. In addition to toning and strengthening, a weight-lifting regimen can control weight, protect muscle and bone mass and boost energy levels.

Best of all, you can achieve a weight-training routine and skip the gym membership. Body-Solid® equipment is designed to help you create a full home gym experience. Lift with weight benches and free weight systems or use glute machines, leg-curl machines and ab benches to isolate key muscle groups. Body-Solid® home gym machines help you get a well-rounded workout with a single piece of equipment.

You can also your current weight-training gear with bumper sets, power bars and lifting straps from the brand.

Equipment outfitted with quality upholstery and high-density foam is comfortable for repeated use. Powder-coated, pre-welded frames are stable and sturdy. Motion and pivot points on your gym equipment allow for natural, fluid movement.

Always consult product information for specifics on your new Body-Solid® weight-training equipment. There you will find details on machine dimensions, weight limits and usage guidelines.