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Sensitivity, power and precision, all packed into one reel. Shimano® fishing reels deliver reliable performance on the water.

Shimano spinning reels are simple to useómaking them a popular choice among anglers. And Shimano spinning reels are designed for a lightweight versatile performance with every cast.

Discover the spinning reel or Shimano fishing rod thatís right for your outing. The Shimano X-Ship offers better gear durability and alignment, so you can get the longer, stronger casts you desire. This popular reel produces the right amount of rigidity and cranking power.

For a smooth, strong and silent operation, try the Shimano S-Concept. The Shimano Stella reel is designed with extra-high gear technology to deliver the right action you need for saltwater angling.

Spinning reels are mounted on the underside of a spinning rod. The spinning reel spool is located parallel to the rod, and does not rotate as you cast. This minimizes line tangling. Itís a simple, common-sense design that makes the spinning reel popular among beginner and skilled anglers alike.

Shimano spinning reels are crafted with High Efficiency Gearing technology. This system includes not only the gears, but the set plate and side plate of the reel.

Expert Advice

High Efficiency Gearing increases leverage and power in the reel. A one-piece frame includes the set plate and a one-piece side plate, eliminating flex that typically causes gears to bind under pressure. This results in smooth, high-speed retrieves with unbelievable torque.

Keep in mind these factors when selecting your Shimano fishing reel:

Gear ratio: Casting reels have a rotating spool, but the spool on a spinning reel is fixed. The bail wraps around the line as you turn the handle. The gear ratio refers to the number of times the bail rotates around the spool, in a single turn of the reel handle.

So, think about your fishing environment and your game fish. Lower ratios are better for bringing in fish at deeper depths. Higher ratios are better suited for fishing close to the surface.

Line Capacity: The amount of fishing line youíll need depends on your outing. If youíre casting into a pond or stream, you require only minimal line capacity. If youíre fishing in a lake, youíll need line capacity to handle the waterís depth.

Ball Bearings: The more ball bearings in your reel, the smoother it will work, particularly under pressure.