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Accuracy On Every Shot: Vortex® Optics

You only have one chance to make the shot—so equip for your hunt with Vortex® optics.

Vortex® gear helps you achieve deadly precision on the hunt. Get ready to bring home your prey with the help of Vortex® hunting scopes, binoculars and hunting sights. Vortex® optics devices are engineered for a lightweight, compact feel that performs in a variety of terrains and weather conditions.

Choose from a variety of innovative features, lens types and field adjustments for the Vortex® optics device that’s right for you.

Expert Advice

Vortex® optics are built for performance. Find the optics device that's right for you:

Vortex® Binoculars: For hunting or general use, binoculars with a power of 7x to 10x work best. Long range shooters may opt for a pair ranging from 12x to 16x. Binoculars are available in two basic models: Porro prisms and roof prisms. Porro prisms display brighter images but require larger lenses, making the devices heavier. Roof prisms align the lens in a straight configuration, making the binoculars smaller but with a dimmer image.

Vortex® Hunting Scopes: Lock into your target quickly with a scope designed for quick field adjustments. Most popular fixed scopes come with a power of 4x to 32x. Spotting scopes generally offer significantly more power than binoculars. Keep in mind, the larger the lens diameter, the brighter your view will be.

Vortex®, Hunting Sights: When selecting your Vortex® sight, consider the eye relief. This is the comfortable distance from the sight where you can still view the full image. Optics devices with generous eye relief offer convenience in the field.

Vortex® hunting optics devices are designed to deliver excellent brightness, clarity and contrasting in the field. These sleek, lightweight devices are engineered to be waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof on your outing.

Details like low-glare, matte finish ensures you remain concealed as you line up your shot. Many Vortex® products are constructed with an aircraft-grade aluminum construction for maximum quality.

Keep in mind, coated lenses offer brighter, higher contrast images. Always consider the time of day you'll be hunting. Optics used in the early morning or evening require a larger exit pupil compared to those used in broad daylight.

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