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Jump Further & Sprint Faster with Track and Field Shoes

DICK'S offers a wide range of men's and women's cross country and track and field shoes. Browse DICK'S extensive selection of track and field shoes from a number of different brands, including Nike, Saucony, Asics and adidas.

Men's track spikes and women's track and field shoes come in a variety of colors, styles and performance designs, such as the Nike Zoom series and the adidas adiZero series. Check out men's sizes from four to 15 and women's two to 12.

DICK'S also offers cross country spikes for men and women in sizes one to 15, for extreme, long-distance althetes.

Buying Tips

Track and field runners need specially-designed spikes to ensure maximum traction on synthetic tartan surfaces. Sprinters need rigid spike plates that typically run the length of the shoe, with aggressive treading on the toes. This is important because the most efficient sprinting motion is to stay on the balls of the feet at all times, and there are many cleats that are designed to enhance toe spring action and promote maximum acceleration.

Mid and long-distance running (400 to 1,600 meters) demand track and field cleats with extra cushioning in the heel and midsole; it is additional weight that the sprinter would not want but the endurance runner finds absolutely essential.

Cross country shoes are a little trickier because the racing surfaces vary from one meet to another. For softer surfaces, such as grass and lightly-packed dirt, use metal spikes to improve traction and speed. For harder surfaces like concrete, asphalt or hard-packed dirt, use a racing flat or one with a rubber waffle outsole.

Expert Advice

Look closely at shoe weight and materials when selecting a pair of track and field shoes. The best track shoes offer a balance between shock absorption and lightweight feel. Weight increases with the size of the shoe, but most high-performance mid- and long-distance cleats weigh less. Sprinting and javelin competitors require more support for these events.

To reduce foot sweat and discomfort, wear cleats with mesh uppers; this material is very lightweight and breathable. For long and mid-distance events, consider cleats with phylon or EVA midsoles, which provide lightweight padding.