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About Us


After a decade into the 21st century, we’ve taken everything we know and blended technology and beauty perfectly into the most viable line of bicycles we have ever introduced.

Our performance mountain bikes are the ultimate example of our commitment to cutting edge design and engineering. We conducted a complete technical review of all aspects of the Mission and Sortie frames. Additionally our new Sorrento Sport offers a solid mountain bike spec at a great value for our entry-level mountain machines.

The Diamondback hybrids certainly claimed their niche for 2010. For performance we have the Insight line and the popular Devine Design Clarity bikes. Sport hybrids like the Menona and Vital 4 come complete with a Kinesis suspension fork.

So find the technology and beauty you want in our bicycles - suspension, comfort, style, and fun – 2010 Diamondback has exactly what you are looking for.

About Us

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