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Strengthen Your Core: Shop Abdominal Exercise Equipment

Your torso is your body's center of power-and keeping it strong is essential.

Discover the tools it takes to strengthen and tone your midsection. Shop abdominal exercise equipment at DICK'S Sporting Goods for must-have fitness tools-balance trainers, stability balls, exercise bands, incline benches and much more.

Make the most of every training session with equipment that performs a variety of exercises. Ab wheels, exercise balls and tension bands can be easily used at home for an ab workout on-the-go. Shop ab exercise equipment from popular brands, including BOSU Balls®, Body-Solid®, STOTT PILATES®, GoFit® and Fitness Gear®.

Boost your health, enhance your life-upgrade your fitness routine today with the exercise equipment collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Versatility is key when selecting your abdominal training equipment.

Balance trainers and BOSU Balls® can provide both strength-training and a cardiovascular workout—increasing flexibility, coordination and endurance. This simple-to-use equipment is great for athletes of all skill levels.

Whether you’re a skilled athlete or just starting a fitness routine, a balance ball is a must for your training. Use your balance ball for sit-ups, crunches, push-ups and much more. Balance balls efficiently target the abs, back and obliques. Choose a ball with bust-resistant materials and keep in mind height guidelines for the ball that’s right for your frame.

Fitness benches are a staple in any home gym. Use your bench for weightlifting, ab training and lower-body workouts.

Abdominal training is an important part of your fitness regimen—and a step towards achieving holistic health. These are a just a few of the benefits of regular core conditioning.

  • Improved posture: Abdominal training can lead to better posture. Regular abdominal exercises promote well-balanced, resilient core muscles, preventing uncomfortable lower back pain and pressure. And ab training can counteract the harmful effects of sitting for more than eight hours a day—a common issue among office workers.
  • Improved balance: Your core stabilizes your body. When your core is weak, the lower back holds additional pressure and weight from simple, daily tasks. Strong abdominal muscles allow the weight of your upper body to be more evenly distributed.
  • Improved energy: Building and toning muscle boosts energy—strength and power originate in your core.


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