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13  Products

Learn More About Golf Rangefinders


Take Your Shot: Learn More About Golf Rangefinders

Drain your next shot with the help of a golf rangefinder.

Technology can give your game an edge, and the latest generation of golf rangefinders delivers pinpoint accuracy. Expect your rangefinder to come with a variety of breakthrough features such as HD optics, ultra-accurate slope readings and GPS technology.

Show your foursome you've come to play with industry-leading rangefinders from some of golf's top brands, including Bushnell®, Nikon® and Leupold®.

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Expert Advice

How Golf Rangefinders Work

A rangefinder helps you survey your most critical shots.

These devices emit a laser beam to measure the distance between you and a target. The beam reflects from the target, back to the rangefinder, providing you with valuable insight before you take your first stroke.

Some rangefinders come equipped with GPS capabilities. Preloaded golf courses provide you with valuable information for your specific playing environment. Think about the following factors when selecting your new device:

Slope: Measures changes in elevation between you and the flag. Slope measurements should provide you with the actual distance to the target. This feature is not permitted by the USGA for competitive play.

Minimum & Maximum Range: Most golf rangefinders provide an accurate readout at up to 20 yards. Consult product information to find out the maximum estimated distance of your device. Some extend to as long as 1,000 yards. Some devices provide distance to the front, center and back of your green for all-around accuracy.

Magnification: Golf rangefinders that provide greater degrees of magnification make it easier to hit your shot.

Your rangefinder should be simple to use and equipped with the industry’s latest features.

Always ensure your screen display is easy to read in a variety of lighting conditions. Some devices come with HD or LCD screens and automatic adjustable lighting settings. And never let Mother Nature hold you back—choose a rangefinder designed to be water-resistant. A shock-proof construction provides better durability.

The latest rangefinders are built to be lightweight, ergonomic and compact. Always consider the eye relief on your device. Eye relief is the distance from the surface of your eye piece where the viewer can obtain a full viewing angle. The farther the eye relief, the more comfortable your viewing will be.

Many models are equipped to distinguish between foreground and background object to provide more accurate readings. Different brands use different terms for this technology.

  • Bushnell refers to this feature as Pinseeker™
  • Nikon calls it First Target Priority Mode®
  • Leupold calls it PinHunter


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