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Step Up Your Game: Shop Softball Bats

Step up to the plate with a bat crafted for performance: Improve your swing with the softball bat collection at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Today's softball bats are crafted for total playability. Explore the latest bat materials and technologies and find the right fit for your swing.

Shop softball bats from industry-leading brands, including Louisville Slugger®, Mizuno® and DeMarini®.

Expert Advice

Bat material is a key factor in the performance of your bat.

Aluminum is a popular material among softball players. This material delivers a lighter weight for increased control and bat speed. Aluminum is ultra-durable and come with increased "pop" off the barrel.

Composite bats are popular among softball players for the material's optimal sweet spot and comfortable feel. Composite bats consist of carbon fibers that help reduce vibration on miss-hits. dditionally, composite bats can be balanced for increased control, or end-loaded for added power.

Selecting your softball bat depends on two critical factors—your strength and your hitting style. Stronger players tend to use a heavier bat, because they can make the most of the weight and hitting power.

Smaller players with less strength should consider a lighter bat for increased swing speed. Think about the construction of your softball bat:

Barrel size includes both the length of the barrel and it’s diameter. The longer the barrel, the larger the sweet spot. Standard softball bat diameter is 2 ½ inches to 2 ¾ inches. Many players prefer a smaller barrel that lightens weight and improves swing speed.

Bat taper is the diameter of a bat’s handle. Standard bats are tapered to 31/32 of an inch. Some players prefer bat with a narrower taper, which decreases weight and allows wrists to rotate faster during swing.

Grip is the covering on the handle of an aluminum bat Leather or synthetic grips provide a tacky feel for sure grip, while rubber absorbs added shock.


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