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Ready For Your Game: Top Flite® Golf

Play your best round yet. Top Flite® golf equipment is designed for the mechanics of your game.

Top Flite® drivers are engineered for performance. Experience the explosive launch of a Top Flite® driver, like the XL Driver or the Aero Adjustable Driver. Go from tee to fairway with the Top Flite® XL Fairway.

You can outfit your game with Top Flite®. Select from complete sets, golf bags and Top Flite® golf balls. Top Flite® golf club sets are designed to get you started and on the course. Kids' Top Flite® golf clubs golf clubs help youngsters master the game.

Top Flite® Drivers produce incredible distance off the tee. Geometric club heads reduce drag across during swing to boost speed and distance. Top Flite® adjustable drivers help you correct hooks and slices. Adjustable face angle settings help you change both flight path and launch trajectory—so you can personalize your club to your game.

Top Flite®Fairway Woods help you address fairway shots with confidence. These clubs are ideal for replacing hart-to-hit long items. Alignment marks on the club head helps you take better aim at the pin.

Top Flite® Hybrids feature a low-profile clubhead and lower center of gravity to deliver remarkable forgiveness on mishits.

Top Flite® Putters are available in blade, mallet and alignment clubheads.

Top Flite® golf balls are an integral part of your game. Top Flite® produces two and three-piece balls.

A two-piece golf ball features an inner solid core with an external cover. This design produce distance, durability and reduced spin, factors that benefit less experienced golfers. Look for a golf ball with a larger inner core—this produces softer feel without sacrificing distance.

Three-piece golf balls are composed of a solid or liquid core, a mantle layer and external covering. This composition produces better feedback and higher spin. Top Flite® three-piece golfers are easier to maneuver during ball flight for added control on shorter shots.