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M (139)
L (143)
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XXL (3)
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36A (2)
30B (5)
32B (10)
34B (13)
36B (14)
38B (12)
40B (5)
42B (4)
30C (7)
32C (13)
34C (25)
36C (24)
38C (22)
40C (10)
42C (8)
44C (7)
46C (5)
48C (3)
50C (1)
30D (7)
32D (17)
34D (22)
36D (19)
38D (22)
40D (12)
42D (7)
44D (7)
46D (5)
48D (3)
50D (1)
30DD (3)
32DD (13)
34DD (18)
36DD (18)
38DD (17)
40DD (11)
42DD (6)
44DD (6)
46DD (5)
48DD (3)
50DD (1)
32E (3)
34E (1)
36E (4)
38E (3)
40E (1)
32F (2)
34F (4)
36F (6)
38F (6)
40F (6)
42F (5)
44F (5)
46F (5)
48F (3)
50F (1)
32FF (1)
34FF (1)
36FF (2)
38FF (2)
40FF (2)
32G (2)
34G (5)
36G (6)
38G (5)
40G (6)
42G (5)
44G (5)
46G (5)
48G (2)
50G (1)
32GG (1)
34GG (1)
36GG (2)
38GG (2)
40GG (2)
32H (1)
34H (3)
36H (3)
38H (2)


under $20 (10)
$20 - $40 (120)
$40 - $60 (56)
$60 - $80 (16)



& Up (78)
& Up (93)
& Up (96)
& Up (99)

Sports Bras

Learn More About Sports Bras


Learn More About Sports Bras for Your Workout

Work out with confidence in supportive sports bras that offer absolute fit and a comfortable feel. Whether you are running or flexing on a yoga mat, find a bra that delivers a blend of superior flexibility and bounce control. The right sports bra will let you move comfortably by minimizing breast motion during exercise.

Sports bras are offered in a variety of silhouettes, including crossback, racerback and scoop back designs, each of which are ideal for different types of physical activity. Decide whether you need a sports bra with high, medium or low impact support. Your bra design and impact level should match your activity and intensity level. Look to brands like Nike®, Moving Comfort®, Champion®, CALIA by Carrie Underwood® and more for sports bras that deliver.

Choose your sports bra by impact-level to match your workout. Shop low-impact sports bras or medium-impact sports bras with added support.

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Expert Advice

Personal comfort and fit are essential when selecting your sports bra.

Think about the level of support and coverage you desire when making your selection. Choose a high-impact sports bra for a snug, no-bounce fit. These tight-fitting bras are ideal for activities like running or a cardio class at the gym. Medium-impact support bras are ideal for yoga or spinning classes, while low-impact bras are great for walking.

Consider the construction of your sports bra. Designs are available with or without padding and with multiple layers for added coverage and modesty. Adjustable straps and self-adjustable cups allow you customize your level of support, as well as your fit.

Moisture-wicking technology in your sports bra will draw perspiration away from your skin for a fresh feeling during strenuous workouts. Features such as mesh paneling can give you ventilation for a light, breathable feel. Think about the type of closure that you would like in your sports bra. Traditional hook closures allow for easy on-off, while hook-less styles can be pulled over your head.

Know your bra size before making your purchase. Find information on measuring yourself for an accurate bra size on the DICK'S Sporting Goods Sizing Charts by Brand page.

Underwire often offers additional support for women with fuller breasts. Compression bras pull the breasts firmly in and are best suited for women with smaller busts. Women who wear a sports bra on an average of three to four times a week will typically need to replace the bra within six to twelve months, due to the loss in the garment's elasticity.

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