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Elliptical Machines

Learn More About Elliptical Machines


Achieve Fluid, Natural Workouts On Your Elliptical Machine

Bring your workout home with performance-engineered elliptical machines.

An elliptical trainer delivers a superior cardio workout without added stress on your joints and muscles. Choose an elliptical trainer for cardio equipment that delivers a fluid, low-impact workout.

Consider whether you're interested in the long-stride length of a front-drive elliptical, the smooth walking motion of a rear-drive elliptical or the reduction and joint stress achieved through a center-drive elliptical. Find ellipticals built with large or compact frames that can accommodate space restriction in your home.

Turn to top brand for quality you can trust, like Sole®, ProForm®, and Stamina Products®.

Expert Advice

Your stride on an elliptical trainer should feel natural as you move. Ellipticals can vary in their operation, but every model should deliver smooth, continuous foot motion for an optimal low-impact workout.

Look for home fitness equipment that lets you customize your workout. Modify your resistance and include for a challenging upper and lower body workout. Ensure that your elliptical provides continuous motion and a stable feel that mimics walking, running or climbing.

Keep in mind details like padded handlebars and oversized foot pedals for easy of movement and comfort in your workout.

Make the most of your elliptical with features like built-in cooling fans, bottle holders and vibrant LCD screen read-outs. Track your distance, heart rate and other factors in real-time as you train. Innovative features such as a WiFi-enabled console and MP3 and iPod docking are also available on some trainers.

Consider the different types of movement elliptical trainers provide. Ellipticals with smaller consoles tend to take up less space. Generally, the more features a machine has, the more space it takes up in your home.

  • Rear-drive ellipticals are perfect for home or club use. These machines are reliable and deliver smooth action similar to walking. With fewer moving parts, these ellipticals reduce mechanical problems.
  • Front-drive ellipticals offer a workout that feels similar to training on a stair climber. These trainers often have articulated foot pedals that keep your feet aligned with the motion of the apparatus and provide forward-leaning positioning and longer stride length.
  • Center-drive ellipticals have a drive axel that is placed in front of the user. These machines take up less space and provide a natural-feeling stride.

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