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Activity Trackers

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Reach Your Goals With Activity Trackers

It’s fitness by the numbers. Keep tabs on your health with a new activity tracker.

Fitness trackers are the perfect accessory for your active lifestyle. Take your fitness tracker with you wherever you go—on treadmills, to the practice field your throughout your busy day. Track vitals including your distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate and even sleep cycles with these lightweight, low-profile bands and clip-ons. To get the best fitness tracker for you, consult the activity tracker comparison chart to compare features across devices.

Find simple-to-use devices that wirelessly sync your results to your computer, tablet or smartphone—so you can share your results with other users and stay motivated. Trackers come in a variety of styles, including wristbands, wristwatches and compact, clip-on devices. Track sleep patterns and craft customized diet plans to promote holistic health.

Best of all, today’s fitness trackers are designed for a sleek, feather-light fit and ultra-durability—just slide one on and go about your day.

Find activity trackers from your favorite brands, including Fitbit®, Garmin® and Polar®. Shop the fitness electronics collection at DICK’S Sporting Goods for more.

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