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Heart Rate Monitors

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Fitness by the Numbers: Heart Rate Monitor Watches

Heart rate monitors deliver the details you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Whether youíre a seasoned athlete or just logging a few miles on a treadmill, a heart rate monitor can help track your cardiovascular activity and health. Todayís heart rate monitor watches are designed as sleek, lightweight wristbands that fit comfortably for everyday wear.

Shop heart rate monitors from popular brands, including Garmin®, SPortline®, Timex® and more.

Expert Advice

Train in your target heart rate zone. Heart rate monitors provide real-time feedback on how hard youíre working outóempowering you to make adjustments and reach your fitness goals.

Many of the latest heart rate monitors are inspired by sports watches, designed as a compact, low-profile wristband that you can comfortably wear while youíre biking, lifting, running and more. Some heart rate monitors feature added functionality, like lap counters, stopwatches and read-outs on how long youíve spent in your target heart rate zone.

Some heart rate monitors can be strapped around your chest, providing pinpoint accuracy for your workout. These devices typically sync wirelessly to a wristband, which delivers up a clear readout.

For maximum durability, choose a heart rate monitor designed to be shock-proof and waterproof.

Maintaining the optimal heart rate is key for reaching your fitness goals. Heart rate monitors can function as your paceróindicating for your whether itís time to speed up or slow down.

An efficiently beating heart delivers more oxygen to blood than a heart that is not healthy. Reaching your optimal heart rate zone helps you make the most of your workout.

Your maximum target heart rate is 220 minus your age, but can vary based on a variety of factors, including age. If youíre exercising at a heart rate target that is too high, youíre likely straining yourself. If youíre working out at a rate too low, then you may need to push yourself harder.

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