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Golf Club Grips to Boost Your Game

Your golf grip is one of the most important factors in your game, impacting every shot, stroke and putt in the round.

Stroke each put with a golf grip that delivers optimal feel and tackiness. Look for a grip that allows for even pressure in both hands as you hold your club.

Golf grips constructed from cord, rubber, leather and synthetics provide the most playability. Shop Tour-proven grips in jumbo, midsize, standard and undersized sizes. Shop golf grips from brands like Golf Pride®, Super Stroke® and Winn Grips®.

Buying Tips

The golf grip is an important part of the golf club because it is the connecting point between the golfer and the golf club. The preferred material and texture of the grip and the correct size are essential in providing the best feel and performance for the golfer.

Grips are made from a variety of materials, and the majority of which are made of a natural or synthetic rubber. Multi-material grips, which are grips made of two or more types of material, are also available. Grips come in a variety of materials, sizes and weights.

  • Grip sizes vary from undersize to oversize, and the majority of standard rubber or synthetic rubber single-composi