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Bike Helmets

Learn More About Bike Helmets


Discover Protection on the Road with Bike Helmets

Ensure youíre riding safely when you hit the road. Select an innovative bike helmet for the ride.

Whether youíre riding off-road or cruising city streets, choose a helmet thatís right for you. Browse a variety of helmet styles engineered for protection at any age, including helmets for adults, boys, girls, toddlers and kids.

  • Sport helmets are versatile, designed for a variety of different bikers.
  • Road cycling helmets are built for a lightweight, aerodynamic fit and large vents for added breathability.
  • BMX helmets provide more coverage around the back and sides of the head, sometimes even including some face protection. These helmets are heavier for added protection.

For children, find comfortable-fitting helmets in a variety of bright hues and fun designs that theyíre sure to love. Adults can find sleek-looking and lightweight helmets that never weigh them down as they log miles. Choose women-specific helmets that deliver a slim-fit shape in feminine colors. Pick up bike and skate helmets from trusted brands like Giro®, Nishiki®, Bell® and more.

Expert Advice

Itís essential: Every cyclist needs a helmet that offers the right blend of lightweight comfort and protection. Learn more about the parts and features that make up your cycling helmet:


  • Helmet liners are made of expanded polystyrene foam that is designed to crush and crack on impact, so your head won't.


  • Helmet shells are made of polyethylene plastic and are designed to hold the helmet together during a crash, as well as protect your head from sharp objects such as branches and rocks.
  • Shells also allow the helmet to skid on impact, which decreases friction and protects you from more serious injury.


  • Helmet vents enhance airflow over and around your head, which helps you stay cool and comfortable as you ride.
  • The more vents a helmet has, the cooler it will be.


  • Straps will vary in thickness depending on style.
  • Generally, mountain bike helmets have thicker straps to contend with the extra bouncing and jostling of off-road riding; road helmets have lighter, thinner straps for coolness.
  • All straps should be adjusted so that there is no slack. The chin strap should be solidly buckled and up against the throat.
  • Some straps include pinch-preventing buckles that help prevent the user from pinching their necks when they are securing the helmet.


  • Although less of a concern for mountain biking than for road riding, lighter is better. It is also more expensive.
  • Helmets weights are listed in grams and ounces.

Helmets designed with a removable visor or extended lip in the front are ideal for blocking out the sunís bright rays, so your ride is squint-free.

Choose between helmets designed specifically for the needs of road or trail cyclists. Multi-sport helmets are designed for optimal versatility, whether youíre riding, skating or anything in between.

By law, all helmets sold in the U.S. must meet standards set by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

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