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Foosball Tables

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Foosball Tables For Your Next Family Fun Night

Itís a game-room staple for players of all ages. Step up your next game night with a new foosball table from DICKíS Sporting Goods.

Foosball is a great way to have fun with family and friends. The simple game can be played with two to four players, with each player controlling two to four of the tableís protruding rods. Players maneuver lines of miniature soccer players, sliding and twisting them to score a goal on their opponentís side of the table.

Shop a variety of brands for the foosball table thatís right for you, including DMI Sports®, Carrom® and Sport Squad®.

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Expert Advice

Regulation-size foosball tables are 30-inches wide by 56-inches long, and are typically constructed of wood, though some are wood laminate. When purchasing your new foosball table, keep in mind the length of the protruding rods. Where space is limited, try a non-regulation size foosball table.

For long-lasting use, choose a foosball table with high-quality steel playing rods. Built-in score keepers, cup holders and storage compartments add extra utility to your table. Many of the latest foosball tables come with scratch-resistant finishes for durability. Adjustable leg boots ensure your can level the table on any surface. Leg cross bars also provide additional stability for the table.

A foosball table can be the centerpiece of your game room. Select from a variety of styles, including compact tables or full-size tables treated with a mahogany finish. You can even find a table that matches the woodwork in your home.

Consult product information for specifics on your foosball table, and shop more indoor and outdoor games at DICKíS Sporting Goods.