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Learn More About Snowboards


Carve Up Backcountry: Find The Right Snowboard

Whether you're starting out on the bunny hills or shredding the blacks, riding with the best board that fits your riding level and style will ensure you have a more enjoyable time on the slopes. Find snowboards from Burton® and other top brands.

There are a variety of all-mountain or all-terrain boards for the boarders that like to shred and explore the mountains backside, groomed terrain, or a park with a park board designed to withstand all of the jumps, turns and grabs you take it on. View the newest snowboards for women or snowboards for men.

Once you've found your board, choose the snowboarding boots, bindings, snow helmets and goggles so you can hit the slopes in style.

Expert Advice

When looking to purchase a snowboard, it is first helpful to determine your riding style.

  • Right foot is more comfortable when you go down the mountain: You're "goofy."
  • Left foot forward: You're "regular"
  • Explore-the-mountain-type: All-terrain or all-mountain snowboards are a great fit for you.
  • Hit the-park- type: These boards perform great at the park.

Before you buy a snowboard, consider what level rider you are. Snowboards are available for beginners, intermediate snowboarders and advanced boards for experienced athletes.

Snowboards for beginners make it easier to get off the lift. These board are great for building comfort on your toe-edge and heel-edge.

Intermediate snowboards are great for experienced riders who could still benefit from twin shape, which simplifies directional transitions.

High-performance snowboards are designed for the advanced rider. Mixed and reverse camber designs conform to jumps, curves and backside riding.


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