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Types Of Adult Baseballs

Celebrate Americaís pastime with high performance adult baseballs from DICKíS Sporting Goods. Adult baseballs from leading brands such as Rawlings®, are ideal for high school, college and adult league play. This selection offers options with rugged leather covers, durable stitching and energetic cork cores.

Choose from top quality adult baseballs with raised seams for exceptional control, innovative designs for extended playability, special adhesive layers for cover stability, and other advanced features.

Many of the adult baseballs at DICKíS Sporting Goods feature certification stamps from USSSA®, NFHS® and other governing organizations, indicating the ballsí suitability for high level league and tournament use. Shop baseballs or browse the entire selection of baseball equipment and bats from top brands.

Expert Advice

High quality adult baseballs are essential for competitive play, as they provide a consistent feel and response inning after inning. Keep these points in mind as you select your baseballs:

  • Adult baseballs are manufactured with a variety of cover materials. Leather covers typically provide greater durability, while synthetic covers are usually more resistant to scuffing and discoloration.
  • Baseballs also have a variety of core materials. Cushioned cork baseballs feature a cork center surrounded by layers of rubber and thread, helping to increase the ballís longevity and ability to retain its shape. Baseballs with a cork and rubber or black rubber core are highly economical and a great choice for instructional use.

If you are looking for a baseball to use in practice, consider buying a set of adult baseballs with raised stitching. The higher profile of the seams helps the ball cut into the air, which is especially useful for pitchers who are trying to master difficult breaking pitches.

In addition to adult baseballs for practice and game play, DICKíS Sporting Goods also carries MLB® official game baseballs that come in attractive display cases. These certified on-field baseballs are a great gift idea to help a coach, player or other baseball fan commemorate a successful season or a accomplishment.