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Under Armour Shoes

Learn More About Under Armour Shoes


Lighter, Faster, Stronger: Under Armour® Shoes

Experience the difference top-rated Under Armour® shoes make in your performance and comfort.

Under Armour® running shoes improve your run with every gait cycle. Tone and condition in Under Armour® training shoes, designed to keep you on your feet longer. For terrorizing traction, count on Under Armour® cleats for the gridiron, pitch or diamond.

Under Armour® crafts sport-specific footwear for a lightweight feel that never sacrifices support. Shop a variety of footwear styles, constructions and materials for the look that’s right for you. Explore the collection now:

Sport Under Armour® shoes off the playing field. Shop Under Armour® hunting and outdoor boots and UA flip flops and slides—perfect for the locker room.

Expert Advice

The next evolution in footwear is here. Under Armour® shoes are packed with performance-enhancing details, inspired by the latest sports technology.

Under Armour® running shoes feature an innovated mid-foot system—mesh and synthetic overlays that bend with the natural movement of your foot for a fluid ride. Take on the course with the UA SpeedForm running shoe, the Spine Evo and many more.

On hardwood, Under Armour® basketball shoes are constructed with two-way flex zones for better footwork on the court. Strategic mesh panels ensure your shoe is breathable and feather-light, no matter what the competition throws your way.

And your MVP campaign begins with a pair of Under Armour® football cleats. Under Armour® Highlight cleats have a unique upper that conforms to the foot for a low-profile fit and feel.

Never overlook the importance of your athletic footwear—it might just be the most critical piece of equipment you sport.

Under Armour® shoes feature an innovative 4D foam sock-liner that wraps around the foot, enhancing fit and preventing irritation. Moisture-wicking technology works to lift perspiration from your skin, keeping you fresh. Articulated flex along your shoe’s outsole enhances natural foot movement, while a high-abrasion EVA outsole promotes efficient footstrike.