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Tone, Train & Trim: Bowflex® Home Gyms & Equipment

Transform your workout—and skip the gym membership. Bowflex® designs the equipment your home gym needs.

Burn calories, tone muscles, and reach your fitness goals, all with the help of Bowflex® training equipment. Bowflex® home gyms deliver up the versatile workout you need. Switch up your training regimen with dozens of challenging workout options.

Bring home Bowflex® dumbbells, benches and accessories—all designed for performance.

Buying Tips

Outfit your home gym with industry-leading equipment. Bowflex® home gyms save time and space—and help you stay focused on your fitness goals.

Work chest, shoulders, back, arms, legs and abs, all with a single home gym system. Bowflex® home gyms are simple to use and do not require cable or pulley changes between sets. Quality upholstered cushions and a sturdy, powder-coated steel design ensure you focus on your training.

The Bowflex® PR2000 home gym is designed as a compact, space-saver. The Bowflex® Blaze comes equipped with a sliding seat rail—perfect for rowing. The Bowflex® Body Tower strengthens quads, abs, glutes and more.

Expert Advice

It’s the details that make the difference on your Bowflex® training equipment. Commercial-grade steel keeps you secure and stable as you push toward your goals. Textured, microbial-resistant hand grips promote a safe and comfortable workout.

Bowflex® dumbbells let you customize your workout at the turn of the dial. This unique strength-training system is equivalent to 15 sets of weight. Adjust between 5 and 52 pounds as you increase your strength. A Patent-pending system locks in the weight you select for safe training.

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